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What is a Computer? History of the Computer.

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Hello friends, today topic is Computer, an extraordinary device which helps us a lot in many things as an example To secure our Files, Data and so things which we can not explain easily.

I know that you know basic information about computers But do you know how it works, who created it earlier, through which rope it has passed?

In today’s article, we are going to tell you that in so many years, how many changes are seen in the parts of the computer What is Computer, How it works & History of Computer and also explain several parts of the computer. So let’s start today topic based on computer read at last to understand every function.

What is a Computer?

The computer is an electronic device that provides information from the data entered by users, or can directly say that a computer is an electronic machine that follows the instructions given by the user. An electronic device designed to work with information.

These words are derived from the word ‘computare’ of the computer Latin which means Calculation or Programmable Machine

Who is the Inventor of a Computer?

The father of Modern Computer is called “Charles Babbage” because he first designed the mechanical computer, also known as Analytical Engine, he was the first to reach Analytical Engine in 1837, in which the Punch Card Data was inserted with the help of

In his engine, the concept of ALU, Basic Flow control and Integrated Memory was introduced. Nowadays computers have been designed by base only on this model. That’s why they contributed most. Then he is also known as the father of the computer.

Definition & Full Form of Computer

“The computer gives the results as the output by modifying the data entered by the user.”

A computer is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations, and operations based on instructions provided by a software or hardware program.

Today, computers are used in all areas of the world, such as space, film production, traffic, industry trade, railway station, school, university, airport, etc. Now even the reservation of seats in airplanes, trains, and hotels is done with the help of computer and internet.

Full form of Computer:-

There is no complete form of computer technology. Yet the computer is a fictitious full form, which is as follows: ~

C – Common
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used in
T – Technology
E– Education and
R – Research

That is, Common Operating Machine Particularly Used in Technology Education and Research.

History of Computer

Computer history cannot be accurately proven, but officially the development of the computer has been classified according to the generation. They are divided into 5 parts.

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First Generation {Vacuum Tubes} (1940-1956)

First generation computers used vacuum tubes to access circuits and magnetic drums for memory. They were very large in size and needed a lot of strength in running them.

Because it was too big, which produced quite a lot of heat, which also caused the problem of malfunction many times. The machine language was used in them. UNIVAC and ENIAC are some of these important examples.

Second Generation {Transistors} (1956-1963)  

In the second generation computers, the transistor replaced the vacuum tube. Transistors used to take very little space, were small, were fast, cheap and were more energy efficient. They used to produce less heat compared to the first generation computers, but still, there was a heat problem in it.

These high-level programming languages like COBOL and FORTRAN were used.

Third Generation {Integrated Circuits} (1964-1971)

Integrated circuits were used for the first time in the third generation computers. In which the transistor was inserted in small to the silicon chip, which is called the cm conductor. It has benefited from the fact that the ability of a computer to process processing has increased substantially.

For the first time, the makers, keyboards and operating systems were used to make computers of this generation more user-friendly. This was first launched in the market.

Fourth Generation {Microprocessors} (1971-Present)

This fourth generation feature is that the microprocessor is used in it. Thousands of integrated circuits were embedded in the same silicon chip. This makes it very easy to reduce the size of the machine.

The use of the microprocessor has increased the efficiency of the computer. They were able to do huge calculations in a very big way.

Fifth Generation {Artificial Intelligence} (Present and Beyond)

The fifth generation is of today’s dome, where artificial intelligence has established its power. Many advanced technologies like speech recognition, parallel processing, quantum calculation, etc. are now coming in use.

These are such a generation, where the computer’s artificial intelligence has reached its own ability to make decisions. Slowly all its work will be automatic.

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Computer Simple Definition

Four Functions about computer are:

There are many components of any modern digital computer, but some of them are very important such as input devices, output devices, CPU (central processing unit), mass storage device and memory.

Accepts dataInput
Processes dataProcessing
Produces outputOutput
Stores resultsStorage

How Computer Works?

It has three main functions. Taking the first data which we also call Input, the second task is to process that data and the task is to show the processed data that is also called Output.

Input (Data):- Input is the step in which raw information is inserted into the computer by using Input Device. This can be a letter, picture or any video.

Process:- The data inputted during processing is processed according to instruction. This is a completely internal process.

Output:- The data which has already been processed during the output is shown at the end of the result. And if we want, save this result and keep it in memory, for the use of Future.

About – Hardwere & Softwere

Before talking about different types of computers, we know two things that are common in all computers: Hardware and Software.

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Hardware is a part of your computer that has a physical structure, such as a keyboard or mouse. It also includes all the interior parts of the computer, which you can see in the image below.


Software is a set of instructions that show the hardware what to do and how to do it. Examples of software include web pages, games, and word processors. Everything you do on your computer is done by hardware and software. For example, now you see this take on the web browser (software), this is a software and when the mouse is used to click on the page, the mouse is hardware.

Types of Computer

There are too many words to describe different types of computers. Most of these words mean computer size, expected use or capacity ……

1) Tower Model:

This term refines a computer, in which power supplies, motherboards, and mass storage devices are placed on top of each other. This is in contrast to desktop models, in which these components are stored in a more compact box. The main advantage of the tower model is that the consumption of space reduces, which facilitates the installation of additional storage devices.

2) Desktop model:

This computer is designed to be comfortable at a desk. Desktop model computers are big and small, while tower computers are the size and length. Due to their size, desktop model computers are usually limited to three internal storage devices. The very small design model is sometimes known as the Slimline model.

3) Laptop:

A very light personal computer Laptops usually weigh less than 6 pounds and are too small to fit easily in briefcases. Apart from the size, the main difference between the laptop and the personal computer is the screen. Laptops use a variety of technologies, which are known as flat panel techniques, the quality of the laptop screen is quite different to produce a lightweight, non-weighted display screen.

4) Tablet

Now talk about Tablet, which we call handheld computers because it can be easily caught in the hands.

There is no keyboard and mouse, just a touch-sensitive screen which is used for typing and navigation. Example- iPad

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Parts of Computer

If you have ever seen within a computer case, you must have found that there are small components inside, they look very complicated, but they are not so complicated in reality, so let us tell you all the things About: ~


The main circuit board of any computer is called the motherboard. It looks like a thin plate but it is holding many things like CPU, memory, connectors for hard drives and optical drives, for the expansion card to control the video and audio.

CPU / Processor

Do you know what the Central Processing Unit is? This computer is found in the motherboard inside the case. It is also called the brain of the computer. It is keeping an eye on all the activities within someone’s computer.


We also know RAM as Random Acess Memory. This system has a short-term memory. Whenever the computer does some calculation, they temporarily save the result in RAM.
RAM is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The more RAM is, the better it is for us.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive is the component where software, documents, and other files are saved. The data remains in store for a long time.

Power Supply Unit

The power supply unit is used to take power from Main Power Supply and supply it in other components as per the requirement.

What are Computer Advantages?

By the way, it would not be wrong to say that the computer has made human life very comfortable with the help of its speed, accuracy, and storage.

With this, the man can save anything when you want and can do anything easily. We can say that the computer is a very versatile machine because it is very flexible, in doing its jobs.

  • Multitasking
  • Speed
  • Cost / Stores
  • Accuracy
  • Data Security

What are the Disadvantage of Computer?

Virus and Hacking Attacks

The virus is a destructive program and hacking is called unauthorized access in which the owner is aware of you.
Once it reaches your computer, it ruins your computer.

Online Cyber ​​Crimes

Computers and networks are used to make this online cyber-crime. Cyberstalking and Identity Theft are the same in the online cyber-crime.

Less Employment opportunity

Because the computer is capable of doing a lot of work together, there is a lot of loss of employment opportunities.
Therefore, from the banking sector to any government sector, you see the matter, all the computers are given great importance. Therefore, unemployment is only increasing.

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What have you learned so far?

So far you have got a computer introduction. I sincerely hope that I have given you full information about what the computer is (what is Computer) and the type of computer and hope you guys have come to understand about this computer Technology.

In this article do you teach that you know what a computer is? How many types of computers are there? You also know about different parts of the computer. We hope you will get acquainted with the computer after reading this lesson.

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