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How to Use WhatsApp Web on Computer, PCs or Tablet?

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Hello Friends, Today we are going to tell the methods of view WhatsApp in a web browser and install WhatsApp Web on a computer.

As you know WhatsApp is a high-quality communication tool, permitting you to effortlessly send messages and archives for free and a lot more, however now and again it’s less complicated to type out your keyword or favor the ease of use of a desktop app – this is place Whatsapp Web comes in.

View WhatsApp message on PC, laptop or tablet using WhatsApp Web. Here’s how to get the WhatsApp desktop app.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web syncs with a mobile application that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages from your computer.

Below are two ways to access the service from your computer: using the web browser or the physical installation of the application.

There’s no pill app for WhatsApp, and occasionally computer system is less difficult to use, so Whatsapp Web is beneficial for a range of the function.

How to Set Whatsapp net in Desktop?

It could not be less difficult to get admission to Whatsapp internet – all you need is your Computer, and your cellphone with WhatsApp logged in.

Launch your PC, laptop or tablet browser and head to web.whatsapp.com.

On an Android phone launch WhatsApp, tap the three dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp Web.

On an iPhone launch WhatsApp, tap the Settings icon at the bottom left and choose WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

How to view WhatsApp in a web browser?

After that, You will be prompted to use a smartphone camera to scan the QR code that you can see in your web browser on your computer.

Click ‘Ok, got it’, then move the camera to the computer screen to scan the code.

WhatsApp Web will automatically start in the browser and remain active until you exit the computer or phone.

You can do this on your phone by returning to the WhatsApp Web menu and selecting Exit from all devices or on your PC by tapping the three-dot icon at the top of the conversation stream, and then selecting Exit.

How to install WhatsApp Web on a computer?

You can now install the WhatsApp Web application that is available for PC or Mac from the Download button…

  1. Download Vidmate Apk
  2. Download Call of Duty: Legends Of War
  3. Download MegaShow APK

Click the green “Download” button to download the installer file to your computer, then locate the file in the Downloads folder and double-click it to install. On a Windows computer, follow the steps that are set in the Mac installer, just drag the WhatsApp icon to the Applications folder.

Launch it on Your Desktop

Launch the WhatsApp desktop app. As in the web browser version of WhatsApp Web, you’ll be prompted to scan a QR code, so take your phone, open the settings menu and choose WhatsApp Web. Then point the phone’s camera at the QR code displayed onscreen.

The app will keep you logged into WhatsApp until you choose to log out.


Hence, we are trying to give the simplest idea to download the WhatsApp Web on Computer on your android phone & IOs also.

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