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What is a Refurbished Mobile? Should You Buy This or Not?

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If you are thinking about buying a new Refurbished phone then you must be first thinking about What is Refurbished Phone & How the company’s of phone sell their phone at the cheapest price.

These days, we almost all have mobile phones. And, most likely, it’s always with you, and it’s more than just making calls and sending texts.

In this time mobile phones are very expensive if you are buying a new phone, then the best way to save your money is to choose a Refurbished phone.

Why you Should Choose Refurbished Phone?

Today is an era of smartphones but you need a special look at smartness while buying a smartphone. When you want to buy a phone, then you research it first and know about its specifications and prices.

But did you know that you can buy refurbished phones to look like a new phone instead of a new phone if you are not able to afford the price of the new phone at a cheap price?

What does Refurbished Mean?

Simple definition of refurbished phone is like that when a person bought a new phone from Amazon or Flipkart and used it for a few days but after some days he felt or thought that there was some problem in his phone, then he requested a return on Amazon or Flipkart as it is now following the Returning policy, that means that the person can return his phone.

So now Amazon or Flipkart withdrew that phone and saw what was wrong with that phone, then given that phone to repair in the service center.

The person who had returned that phone was given a new phone or his money was returned.

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Now this phone which was given in the service center has been fixed and ready to be sold again. But keep in mind that this phone is not a brand new phone even though it is new because there was some flute that was rectified.

Then this phone is called Refurbished and it is placed in a Refurbished category to sell it again. Now, this is not a new phone, so its price is kept even less than the new phone so that people can buy it.

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Should You Buy a Refurbished Phone?

Now it comes that you should buy a refurbished phone? So, let us know for sure that if a refurbished phone price is less than its new phone, then surely you should buy it because the refurbished phone is also made again that it works like a new one.

But if the price of the refurbished phone and the price of the new phone is very low, then you can go to the new phone.

Suppose the price of a new phone is 12000 rupees and its refurbished is sold in 11000, so you can not buy a refurbished phone for such a low margin because if you can put so much money, take a little more and take a new phone Can.

But if the price margin is 2000-3000 then you can buy a refurbished phone if you have a low budget and you need a phone from the same brand. But here’s one thing to keep in mind again when you are buying a refurbished phone online, the website you are buying from is trusted such as … Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

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If you want to understand with another example, you can understand: ~

Suppose that you bought one plus 5 new and its price is 30000 and selling it after 1 year you will get 15000 So you’re losing 15000 even if you used your phone a lot.

If you buy the same phone from Refurbished Store, then its price will be anywhere from 20 to 22 thousand. After one year if you want to sell it to 15000 you lose only 5-7 thousand.

What other benefits are there?

Well, on the one hand, you can have a cooling period after the purchase, which does not happen. In the company, there is a full 14-day money back guarantee so you can make sure you’re happy with your purchase. This means that you can buy with confidence.

You bought an Android phone after many years of working on the iPhone, and you simply can not get used to different operating systems: then it’s easy, quick and free to turn it back. Oh, and if you like the phone, but not the condition, then you have a 30-day exchange period.

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What about a warranty?

This is important for verification. When you buy a used phone, there is a small guarantee that it will work or for what term. With a refurbished phone from a decent company, you get a warranty that varies from 60 days to a full year, depending on the model. So, if during this period there was a problem with the defect of the part, you are covered by its repair or replacement.

Are there any differences between refurbished and brand new?

The price will definitely be lower on the upgraded one, and it’s worth checking that the refurbished phone comes with all the accessories, for example, headphones. The box is likely to be more basic than when the phone was originally purchased, but in addition, there is a slight difference in likelihood.


So now you must have understood what is a refurbished phone.

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