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Top 8 New Car Racing Games for Android 2019

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Best Car Racing Games:- Hello Friends, today we are going to tell about Top, Best & Trending Games on Car Racing. Here You Can easily Download all the eight Games throughout the link.

Boys love their toys and there is something about racing games that get all boys to sit and excite. The influx of adrenaline, the smell of burning rubber, the soft purring of the engine awaiting roar; it all adds to meet our need for speed.

You will find a huge selection of games for Android phones in the Google Play store, but finding genuine, best & trending games can be tricky and challenging.

Here we have collected some of the best Car Racing Games for Android that are currently available. They all provide interesting experiences on the go….. let’s start with the list.

Top 3 New Car Racing Games in 2019

1. ASPHALT 9 – Legends – 2019’s

Asphalt 9: Legends are the main list of real hypercars for you to go, unlike those found in any other game, from well-known car makers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors.

You can choose the car you need and move around in exciting locations against rivals with high-speed machines around the world. Hit the fast path and leave your limits in the dust to become the Legend of the track!

The perfect game for fans of free games, arcade racing, driving fast, drift racing, weaving through traffic, and nitro-charged, power motor competition!


The asphalt series was successful with the success of Gameloft, one of the most successful games for Android racing cars. Their latest batch, Airborne, brought air death stunts using curved ramps with several new tracks and cars to choose from.

The game is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. With over 190 cars and bikes, 2000 decals, and 40 tracks.

The graphics are cool and Gameloft has paid a lot of attention to the details when it comes to reproducing car specs and race tracks.

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Break from the usual and enter the uncharted territory of Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing!

So forget all that you know about racing because all you need is your instincts, true skill and a fearless desire for speed. You will run along sandy hills, charge through canyons, drift through the dirt and climb past your opponents to get to the finish line as part of the absolutely extreme racing experience!

Another free-to-buy add-on game that offers various types of racing experience for Android racing game enthusiasts.

  1. Download Vidmate Apk
  2. Download Call of Duty: Legends Of War
  3. Download MegaShow APK

Best 5 New Car Racing Games in 2019


Do you remember the remote control cars that you used to ride the whole day, annoying hell from your parents? Home One Line Anyone? Well, they returned in the form of Mini Motor Racing. These little cars are so fun to ride.

The visual effects are stunning and beautiful, cars can be tuned endlessly and you will love to play with friends.


If you thought that Asphalt 9 had a wonderful graphics, Real Racing would leave your jaws wide open. Everything about this game, from its tracks and location to its cars and their performance, is as realistic as it is.

With more than 100 cars and 2000 events, the car racing app will offer you the taste of what it feels like to run in real places. You will notice that there are rules, such as the angle of the penalty for a fine spot, as well as in the real world.


The Traffic Tour racing game is a new, endless arcade racing game that will take you to another level of smooth driving and high-quality graphics designed for enthusiasts of racers with expanded capabilities that make this racing game the leading game in Google Play.

Over 10 Million Downloads! 


The Beach Buggy is an off-road kart racing game where you will find yourself driving the beach dunes, lunar rovers, and monster trucks in the deserts, forests, and Mars! Probably, Elon Mask will not become the first who still colonizes him.

The Beach Buggy Racing offers several powerups which you will not find in other car racing games for Android like teleportation and flame-throwers. There are 15 tracks to choose from in this free application that comes with in-app purchases.


For the longest time, NFS has been a lot of car racing games so that they even made a movie on it. Pity, it was a dude.

NFS Most Wanted to make the list because it comes with a story mode. Needless to say, the graphics are amazing and there are some world class cars to drive around and apply mods on.

The story goes like this: You are a young enthusiast who wants to make a name for himself/herself in the underworld of street racing. As you climb up the ladder, the police force gets hot on your tail.


Hence, we are trying to give the simplest idea to download the Best and Trending New Car Racing Games of 2019 on your android phone & IOs.

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