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Hello Friends, today we like to transfer files from our android device to another android phone or PC in a fast manner and without having to resort to cables.

Then we are discussing Share Music & Transfer Files – Xender, if you are interested in finding out about Xender, a tool that allows you to do this without cables, and also without a connection to the Internet, be it WiFi or data.

Yes this app will take your less time than the others app sharing platform. We are not going to argue this because we have reasons why this app should be recommended.

Xender – File Transfer and Share Review

Xender – best sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs

People love to transfer files between androids. However, most file transfer applications will require us to use a USB cable, an Internet connection, or even cellular data for that purpose.

Xender allows users to easily transfer and share files faster, regardless of the Internet or mobile data. Xender comes with a built-in file manager. It supports operating systems such as Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC, and Mac.

Among those features, the application offers high speed, unlimited file sharing, free quota on the Internet, file sharing of any size, support for transferring between operating systems, easy duplication of the phone, file management, the ability to view the attached friend’s attachment, convenient design and slide photos to send. There’s, of course, a bundle here.

How does Xender works?

This file transfer tool for Android users the ability to connect our smartphone or tablet to create your own short-range network. The receiver (iPhone or iPad, Windows, or Mac) must only install the program and be close to the phone so that it can be detected on the newly created network.

You obviously will not be able to use it to send or receive files over long distances, but it will help you send something to your computer, share an app with a friend, or send multimedia galleries full of photos.

Supports Different Variety of Language

It supports different language in it. Those languages include {English, Arabian, Bengali, Traditional Mandarin, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese.}

Thus, we can say that this application we are talking about is an add-on for people of any origin.

More about Xender – Transfer Files

Each app has things in which they are good, and things they do not have. You can not hope that one will be perfect because there is no such program. but this app can be perfect than the other sharing platforms.

☆ Share any type of files in many places at any time
☆ Absolutely without mobile data usage 
☆ 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
☆ Supports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform
☆ No need for USB connection and PC software installation
☆ The choice of Over 500 Million users
☆ Over 100 million files transferred daily
☆ Play all music and videos
☆ Wifi file transfer master

[ Main Featues of Xender ]

☆Files Transfer files with flash speed
Imagine sending video to friends in the second half! The highest speed can reach 40Mb / s.

☆All Share all files without restrictions
Transfer everything you need from documents, music, images, videos, and applications.

☆Free Network Connection
No cables, no internet, no data usage! You can transfer files to your friends at any time and at any time.

☆Large Send large files without limitations
Share photos, music, videos, applications, documents, and other file types of unlimited file size.

☆Supports cross-platform transmission
Simplifies the connection of phones and tablets and PC / Mac and supports the exchange of any files between operating systems Android, iOS and Windows.

Smartphone replication
Intelligent switch of mobile data such as contacts, SMS, images, music, videos, games and any other files from the old phone to the new one in one easy step.

☆File manager
Allows you to view, move, or delete files you have received, and even make backups when you want to clear your phone’s memory.

☆Connected See your connected friends’ mobile apps
When you successfully connect to the phone, various applications from your friend’s phone will be introduced on your phone, which can be shared with one click.

☆Friendly Design
Satisfy further users’ operational needs with functions associated with transmitted files, such as opening, installing, deleting, deleting, viewing, etc.

☆Slide pictures to share
Smoothly share your photos with your friends by moving them.

Download Xender APK – 4.5.0

Share your files and applications with friends with fast speed.

Share Music & Transfer Files – Xender 4.5.0.Prime Update

Developer: Xender Team
Version: 4.5.0
File size: 17.0 MB
Uploaded: 2019-05-13  

☆ Connection optimization
☆ Fixed known bugs

How to Use Xender Share Music & Transfer Files?

As I said before, using Xender – File Transfer & Share for Android is very easy.

  • To transfer files, you start by clicking the rectangular red box in the application.
  • Click Send, and an access point will be created to connect to another device.
  • On the other device, click the Get To App button and turn on GPS to determine the current device.
  • Click on the found device and you can easily transfer everything you need to send to others.

Look? It’s as simple as you can imagine. So, it would be worth spending time trying to do this.


The key to the success of this program is not the speed with which it is capable of transferring files, but also the features it offers as a multi-platform software.

 This makes your day much more exciting. So, you will not get bored again because it can be fun entertainment.

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