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How to Download WhatsApp in Jio Phone? With Full Information.

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Download WhatsApp in Jio Phone:~ Hello friends, Launching Jio Phone in India is considered the start of a new era for functional phones in the country and during the 41st AGM Reliance Industries.

WhatsApp for Jio Phone is now available for download from the Jio App Store and Jio Phone 2 users can also use WhatsApp on their phones. Here’s how to download WhatsApp for Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2.

WhatsApp has designed a new version of its messaging app for Reliance Industries-owned 4G feature phone.

Jio Phone WhatsApp

As you know WhatsApp can be run on Jio phone, therefore you can easily download WhatsApp in your Jio Phone.

WhatsApp support for Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 was finally announced by Reliance Jio, and now you can download WhatsApp to Jio Phone. From September 10th, both Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 will be able to download WhatsApp to their 4G-enabled phone.

Reliance Jio has announced that all users of Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 will be able to enjoy popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube on their phones.

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Whatsapp Downloading in Jio

The KaiOS optimized program will offer standard features such as chat, sending images, Videos, documents, etc. to users. “The new app offers the best of WhatsApp including fast and reliable messaging and the ability to send photos and videos. It’s also easy to record and send voice messages with just a click on the Keypad.”

Next to WhatsApp for Jio Phone, 4G phone users will also be able to use popular applications such as Facebook, Google Maps, and YouTube. However, WhatsApp for Jio Phone is still one of the biggest ads that Reliance Jio has made recently.

Others App in Jio Phone

Launching Jio Phone in India is considered the start of a new era for functional phones in the country and during the 41st AGM of Reliance Industries, it has also been found that there are already 30 million Jio Phone users in India.

Jio Phone users can now use popular applications such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Facebook on their phones.

Jio Phone 2 will also be able to use all the above-mentioned apps, including WhatsApp. 

However, the company is looking for 100 million marks this year and, in addition to launching Jio Phone 2, it also announced WhatsApp support for the Jio Phone lineup.

Features of WhatsApp in Jio Phone


Forwarded messages are not created by the person who sent them to you, so check the facts before sharing them.


Exit a group when you’ve been added by someone you don’t know.


Do not share information with your family and friends if you do not know that the information is correct.

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How to Download WhatsApp in Jio Phone

If you are wondering How to use WhatsApp in Jio Phone then here we provide a quick step-by-step guide:~

1 . Take your jio phone and Go to Settings.

2 . In the setting tab, Go to softwere updates.

3 . Make sure you device is running on the latest KaiOS update.

4 . Go back from Settings open Jio App.

5. Find there WhatsApp in Jio Store.

6. Open WhatsApp there and you will reach a page of description of the App. Select the option to Install.

Setting Up WhatsApp Is Easy

  • To join WhatsApp, open the icon from the home screen
  • Review our Terms & Policy and press Agree to continue
  • Add your mobile number and press Next
  • Press “OK” to receive SMS verification
  • Enter 6-digit code
  • Enter your name and press Done

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Everything is said and done, while old and new Jio Phone users will be able to use WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube on their phones, support for these applications will be launched.

You can also download all the above Applications in your Jio phone in Jio store and enjoy as much as Smartphone.

Jio Phone also launches KaiOS with WhatsApp support, Facebook and YouTube.

  1. Download Vidmate Apk
  2. Download Call of Duty: Legends Of War
  3. Download MegaShow APK


Hence, we are trying to give the simplest idea to Use WhatsApp in Jio Phone.

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