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Aptoide – Download Your Android App Store

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All the Apps you need. Discover your new Android App Store.

Aptoide is an alternative Android store with thousands of free Apps & Games. Aptoide is a marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the Android operating system.

Aptoide is a replacement for alternative stores for Android. With more than 200 million users worldwide, more than 6 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide gives a new meaning to the way we open and install applications.

Description of Aptoide App store

Aptoide is also a Google Play Store store for downloading apps and games. This software store does not require registration to use it.
The name Aptoide is formed from the words “APT” (the Debian package manager) and “oide” (the last syllable of “Android”).

However, if you want to write reviews, you can register yourself with a simple registration form available in the application. You can simply download this app store and download free 80,000 applications on its interface along with the latest updates.

The Aptoide platform is available in over 40 languages, One great thing about this APP Store is that it offers a unique rollback feature that allows the user to go back to older versions of their favorite programs.

Availability of Many Applications:

Aptoide is not only a single store but also a store where stores are stored. The user has the ability to create a store for himself with filtered categories. The user can find specific stores of different brands and models of cell phones and store each of their independent games and applications in their filtered app store.

Aptoide has been on the market for a long time, but its potential has not yet been fully utilized. But with its growing popularity and reputation, Aptoide proves a tough competitor to the Google Play Store, as it surpasses its high profile features.

Easy to use:

With Aptoide, downloading and managing all applications is simpler and easier. The download speed for Aptoide programs is almost equal to the speed of downloading Google Play, and return is a plus for this app store.

The content for each application is common and often low quality. In addition, reviews seem to be copied from Google Play or written with little thought. Aptoide only confronts this problem is simply a green marking of official applications.

Aptoide File Information

Package Name cm.aptoide.pt
Version (9684)
File Size 24.1 MB
Last Updated May 16, 2019
Required Android Version Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)

Advantage Of Using Aptoide Instead Of Playstore

Let’s have a look at features or advantages of Aptoide that can even beat Google Play Store-

  • Aptoide is one such application where you get all the programs for free, so without spending a single penny, you can enjoy all the latest apps and games.
  • Using Aptoide Apk Download, you can also choose to create organic downloads and you can also run paid campaigns for purchase.
  • you can also target specific countries by maximizing the relevance of your ads to increase clicks.
  • You can also create your own private store if you are using the beta since you can only share your apps with your private users.
  • Aptoide also comes with a unique feature, like “Trusted Stamps,” which ensures that the application is free from malware with multiple layers of protection.
  • It even lets you know about programs that contain harmful content.
  • It offers you a large selection of apps not available at Android as well you can create your own app and upload it using the Dropbox option of Aptoide which automatically gets synced to store.

Download Aptoide – Android App Store

To download Aptoide, the user has to retrieve the APK (installable file) from the official site. The installation is not available through the Google Play Store due to 4.5 Non-compete clause of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement. We provide the link below, to download click the download button.

How to Install Aptoide APK?

Before installing APTOIDE, you need to make sure your phone has permission to install third-party software.

  • Open the device settings.
  • Click “Security” in the “Personal” section.
  • Move Unknown Sources to “On”.
  • Click “OK” to confirm the changes.

After the permission of unknown sources, you can install the APTOIDE

  • Open-File Manager or File Explorer.
  • Open the directory in which the downloaded APK file was saved. (Usually in the Downloads folder)
  • Click the APK file.
  • Click “Install”.

Install Aptoide TV on the Firestick

As before, you can not install Aptoide TV from the Amazon store. Like Android, you’ll also need to enable some permissions. Here is the procedure for installing Aptoide TV on Firestick;

  1. Open on your Fire TV
  2. Then go to the device.
  3. And select Developer Options.
  4. In the developer settings, enable ABD debugging and Apps from unknown sources by enabling them.
  5. Return to the home screen and go to the “Search” and enter “Downloader”. If you already have a bootloader, go to step 8.
  6. After entering the text, the bootloader will appear, click it, and then select Get to boot and install.
  7. Once installed, open the bootloader and click on the http: // address section.
  8. Enter https://aptoide.en.aptoide.com and select Go.
  9. On the Aptoide page, select the boot, wait for it to expire, and then click the install button.
  10. Open the program and then! You have an Aptoide TV.


Hence, we are trying to give the simplest idea to install the Latest version of APTOIDE on your android phone.

This makes your day much more exciting. So, you will not get bored again because it can be fun entertainment.

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