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How to Add Members in Whatsapp Groups Without Saving Their Number?

Written by Suraj

Hello Friends, if you are a regular user of Social Media and uses a lot of social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and so many chatting apps. Then you are must a member of a Whatsapp Groups or an Admin of Page.

If you are an administrator of a group – which you will be automatically if you created it, you can add people to that existing group pretty easily. But if you want to add those members without saving their numbers, then we are going to provide a stepwise method to add member in Whatsapp Groups without saving their numbers.

Whatsapp ~ Messaging App

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications. It makes communication as simple as adding the right number of anyone in the world, that’s it.

One of the most commonly used chat programs is Facebook’s Ownership Messaging Platform Whatsapp. Users of this program get features like voice and video chat, group chat. Group Chat is one of the best features of Whatsapp, and friends, relatives, colleagues, and other users also create groups to discuss any topic from family and business groups for a variety of reasons.

How to add member in Whatsapp group from your Contact list?

Most of us must be familiar with the process of creating a group on WhatsApp. Once the group ID created, we need to add participants/members from our contact list.

  • Go into Whatsapp.
  • Tap the group in which you need to add members.
  • Tap the area at the top of the chat, the section in which the group name appears.
  • Scroll down and click the Add Participants option.

How to add member in WhatsApp group without saving their numbers?

One of the problems is to add a new user to the group, its number must be stored in your phone. In this case, if you want to add a new group of members and it is not in your contact list, then it becomes mandatory to save the first number. This problem is even greater if you create a larger group.

To do this, users will get a new “invite link” feature to get rid of it. To do this, you need to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

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  • The latest version of WhatsApp must be installed on your device.
  • To create the invite link, the users must have the admin rights for that particular group.

So let’s start the method to add member in Whatsapp group from your Contact list:-

  • First of all open WhatsApp.
  • You will move to the group to which you want to add new members.
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, open the menu.
  • Now click the Group Info option. After scrolling down, click “invite via the link”.
  • Now you will see that the message “invite the link was made” written in the message, and below it will get four options, Send link via Whatsapp, Copy link, Share the link and Cancel link.
  • Now you can send this inverted link to anyone who wants to add to the group.
  • By clicking on the Invite link group, any member of the group will be able to.

But if you pick the first option, if you click “invite to the group via link”, you will be given multiple options:

  • Send link via WhatsApp  the quickest option if they are using WhatsApp.
  • Copy Link  to save the link or message it to them by pasting it on any platform (including WhatsApp).
  • Share link – to share it straight to an email app or social media.
  • Revoke link – to render the link you’ve just created obsolete, meaning it can no longer be used, and create a new one instantly.

Note that when the requirement expires, restore the ability to join the group with the InVite link in the same way that no unknown person can join the group using the link. If you follow these steps, you will receive a destination.


Hence, we are trying to give the simplest idea to understand How to add member in Whatsapp Groups without saving their numbers? on your android phone & IOs.

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